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Our WOOSHIN PERCISION CO.,LTD continues to endeavor for custo
mer satisfaction, thinking quality to be a top priority as aleader in the tec
hnology of molding desing and manufacture since its foundation in 1990.

Also, our WOOSHIN will become an enterprise full of vitality at all times
by making an abundant support to bring up superior human resoruces,
and I am managing our company with mind to contribute to our society
and to be together with mind to contrbute to our society and to be toget
her with the staff and employees at all times by striving for its developm
ent with safety first.

Our WOOSHIN has made much of technology to become a liader of ent
erprises in the molding field until now and in the future,
will introduce the advanced technofogy and high -tech equipment and
put our deart and soul into customer satisfaction and training
of qualified persons to become a leader of enterprises in the 21st century.

CEO, TAE KYUN,LEE (ceo@woosp.com)